On a personal note…

I can honestly say that I have no clue where my life is taking me. In high school, I had it all figured out. I knew who I wanted to be, where I wanted to be, and how long it was going to take me to get there. And then college happens, and everything shifts. It all sounds really good when you are simply dreaming it and not living it. It’s the living that gets tough. Decisions and responsibility become an integral part of your life, and the footloose and fancy free teen that you once were transforms into a mature, burden-laden adult. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. Along with all of your new found responsibility comes the joys of adulthood, independence, love, freedom of choice. You just have to learn to appreciate both the good and the bad, and trust that you will become a better person for it.

If someone had told me that I would WANT to blog about celebrities, their lives, their bodies, or anything for that matter, I probably would have giggled behind their back. But here I am. Writing. Sharing. Researching to create.

The purpose of this post is to express the satisfaction that this blog brings me. I have a 9 to 5 job that I love, but autonomy is technically nonexistent. Here I can control my words and express my thoughts without censorship. I no longer sit anonymously on the internet reading other people’s thoughts without a bit of contribution. I am able to share with others who are interested in similar topics. No one I work with cares about the Jolie-Pitt/Aniston love triangle. They don’t know that Kanye West is ruining his life and crushing my dreams by dating (and eventually marrying) the famewhore that is Kim K (I praise her body…hate her guts. **joke**). They would think I was crazy if I said that Beyonce was by bestie…in a previous life. But fellow gossip lovers understand, and I appreciate the opportunity to share.

– A.

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