All Hail Duchess Kate

Kate Middleton, is somewhat an accidental celebrity. All she wanted to do was marry the love of her life, who just so happened to be a prince (you know, William, hot Harry’s older brother). At any rate, the moment he got down on one knee and she said yes, she became, not only Great Britain’s Princess, but an American Princess as well. We don’t get the luxury of royals here in the states (you know..outside of Papa Pitt and Saint Angie).

But much like every other accidental celebrity before her, Kate is not immune to public scrutiny. She has been criticized for not being “royal” enough, for being too “royal” , for her makeup (although she could stand to go a little lighter on the eyeliner), for her curls, for her clothes, and of course, for her figure. Now, there’s no denying that girl is thin, but I give credit where credit is due; she is thin, with tons of muscle definition. How did she manage this, you ask? How did she manage to lose weight and steer clear of protruding collarbones and knobby knees? Sources say that Kate, and her mother, tried the Dukan diet for a period leading up to her wedding; and if I were to speculate, some of the principles of the diet stuck with Kate long after the wedding was over.

A little research on the Dukan diet and you find that it basically takes the principles of healthy eating and divides them into four separate phases, I’m assuming as a means of developing a habit. You begin the Phase 1 with a pure protein diet, Phase 2 is the reintroduction of vegetables into your diet, Phase 3 is the introduction of cheat meals, Phase 4 is maintenance. Sounds pretty simple, and it also sounds like I don’t need to buy a book that tells me these things.

Here are photos of Kate…and one of Prince Harry for all of you lovers in the room (look…he’s licking his lips for you).

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