Remembering things past

Let us take a second to travel back to yesteryear. Britney Spears was every girl’s body envy at one point. She was everything that you wanted to be. She was innocent and virginal (all not a girl-not yet a woman). She was the girl-next-door (I eat Cheetos and walk around barefoot, y’all…we’re the same person). She was sex. AND her body was the business!

You wanted to be her bestie. You hated her because she could steal your boyfriend;  but she wouldn’t because girls next door don’t do that. She was…and the she got “Federlined.”  Sure, she’s back now, engaged to Jason and being a great mom to her two boys; but I think that there is a general consensus that the Britney in the spotlight now is not the Britney we grew up with. She’s not as free and fun…she’s calculated and controlled. Her smiles seem plastered on, and she almost has a look of panic behind it.

With time comes change, but I can still remember. Right?

Let us disregard her obvious fashion faux pas. When you own pop music, you can pretty much do what you want. Let us admire the petite princess of yesteryear. And also, let us remember this hilarious parody from MadTv (See here).

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