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Lady Gaga + 25

I have seen this story about Lady Gaga’s 25 pound weight gain almost everywhere. And unfortunately, I cannot fully support her.

Let me clarify.

Lady Gaga is a gimmick. A caricature. She is art. I’ve said this before and I will say it many times after this. She is the second coming of Madonna…doing things for shock value and fan favor. This is exactly like the support of “her gays.” Do I think that Lady Gaga honestly embraces gay fans? Sure, they’re no different than any other person that loves her. Do I believe that she is as passionate as she says? No. (Plain and simple)

The “singling out” of her gay fans was a lead-in to her Born This Way album. It was what sold the album. The idea behind the song… you are who you are…you were born this way… it made you want to support her. She understood. She was different too. She was bullied too. She is a monster too. She accepted herself…why shouldn’t I?

Don’t get me wrong, Gaga is talented; but she abandoned the idea of being successful based on talent alone a long time ago. She needs something to stand for. Something to peddle in the place of her album so that she looks philanthropic. A platform…kind of like a beauty queen.

So this weight gain…I think of it as a lead in to her next album. Something to put her back into the spotlight and make us rally behind her when the mean press, paparazzi, and record labels try to change her into something she is not…at least not anymore.



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