Elle Varner

Elle Varner’s body is sick. She is a curvy girl. And by curvy I mean 36-24-38. Brickhouse. Not curvy as a catchall for obese…I really hate when people do that. I think that it promotes an unhealthy body image for girls. Not everyone has to be the same size, but one should not attempt to justify unhealthy with positive wording.

At any rate, Elle has lost 30 pounds since entering the music scene. I will say that it is debatable whether or not she would be as successful as she is now had she not lost the weight. She’s not at Beyonce or Rihanna’s level yet…but then again how many artists are?…but she has still managed to capture attention and a fanbase with her fun, funky style, amazing voice, and catchy songs. She has sat down for many interviews where she discusses her journey. Excerpt:

R&B funktress Elle Varner shed the skinny on her weight loss, revealing in a new interview with BET on how she eliminated the excess and zeroed in on a tight and tone bod before becoming a hit-maker.

“When I went to college I definitely gained the freshman 15 and then some. I was heavy growing up, especially in middle school and high school, and I had lost some weight and gained it back,” Varner said. She made it a goal to incorporate vegetables and a variety of greens into her diet, ditching the meat and beginning a workout routine.

Her native New York not only presented an opportunity to work out in nature’s gym but also rediscover her city.

“You can run down the West Side Highway or the Brooklyn Bridge and not just be sitting on a treadmill because I hate the gym. I hate being on the treadmill, but I do love running and seeing the sights and that’s kind of how I discovered New York as well,” she said.

Health reasons also encouraged the “Refill” singer to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Her family’s medical history included diabetes and heart disease and Varner wanted to prevent following the same path. But after writing her self-esteem anthem “So Fly,” the big-haired songbird is now 30 pounds lighter and enjoys rocking fashion trends she could peep her figure in. Most importantly, she is able to exercise in a way she never expected.

“I never imagined I could do a push up or run a mile,” Varner said. “The healthier I was, I felt like a better me and it became a lifestyle choice and not a thing of vanity.”

No matter what size the NYU grad fits into, Varner says she won’t let crunching numbers weigh her down.

“It’s sad no matter how we look or what size we are, we always want to change one more thing. I stopped fixating on things,” she said.”I try not to let those things exist to me. The more confident you are about yourself, the better decisions you make. You begin to just make choices that make you feel good.”


I love that she lost the weight for health reasons. All weight loss will, at some point, revolve around vanity…it is inevitable. People like to look good. It’s human nature. It’s when health and disease risks are thrown into the equation that people really begin to realize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to disregard obvious family health histories as long as you are not directly affected by them. We live in a time where people are so fixated in living in the moment (YOLO…that’s the motto right?) that they don’t think about the future and that the way the body responds in youth doesn’t determine what will happen when you are 50.




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