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New York Fashion Week…in The City

Stars of the former MTV reality show, The City, have been front and center at New York Fashion Week. Whitney Port, at Richard Chai Love Spring 2013 fashion show, and Olivia Palermo, at Noon by Noor Spring 2013 fashion show, were in attendance to take in all of the latest fashion trends.

It had been quite a while since I last saw Olivia Palermo…you get the occasional pap shot of Whitney Port (and occasional product placement of her Whitney Eve clothing line in magazines) so I am reminded of her every once in a while. But seeing the two brought back memories of The City, and how it became a sufficient replacement for The Hills. It was like they were living every girl’s fantasy. On their own in New York being  fashionable, flirty, fun, dramatic, social, and THIN. And you wanted to know how they maintained such svelte figures…you never saw them working out, and they were always meeting for lunch and dinner…but they still managed to make their clothes look great.

Whitney revealed that during the taping of the show, she maintained a 1000 calorie/day diet. Excerpt:

It looks like Whitney Port can breathe a sigh of relief now that her reality show days are behind her as, according to the reality star, she maintained a super strict 1,000 calories a day diet throughout filming of her hit shows The Hills and The City! Whitney told Australian OK!, “‘Working in Hollywood, there’s just a constant pressure to look your best. For all of us who are on TV, it’s natural to be like, ‘I have to stare at myself all the time, I want to look the best I can.’” Whitney goes on to reveal in the interview that she has never eaten pasta. Can you even imagine? Whitney later says she realizes her diet was extreme and it was all a result of the pressure she faced living in the public eye. She has since become much healthier and adopted yoga and other workouts into her daily life. It shows too, she has never looked better!


I guess that makes sense. Whitney has always been thin, but she managed to maintain a skinny-fat body-type as opposed to fit/toned/muscular. Normally girls who restrict calories, but don’t exercise regularly, do remain thin, but they still have jiggle and little to no muscle tone.

Olivia Palermo on the other hand probably took the Victoria Beckham approach to health. Don’t focus on the action…simply enjoy the product. She claims that Whole Foods is her secret to a healthy body. Excerpt:

“When I’m home, I go to Whole Foods and get a lot of fresh fruit,” she tells me at the DKNY Sunglass Soiree held at NYC’s The Beach at Dream Downtown. “I eat healthy in general. I like to eat as organic as possible. When I can, I try to do Bikram yoga. That’s about it. I don’t diet. I just continuously eat healthy. I make sure I eat healthfully every day, and I think that can make a huge difference with your diet.”


Judging by her bikini body, Bikram yoga is a hell of a workout.


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