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Post VMAs

I finally got a chance to watch the VMAs…a day late, but it was kind of worth it. I appreciate DVR for being able to watch the parts that they will choose to edit post-production. And I appreciate bloggers that were in attendance and got a glimpse of moments not seen on television…(I’m looking at you guys Chris Brown and Rihanna).

At any rate, I feel the need to express my thoughts about random moments that occurred during the show.

Firstly, I will applaud Rihanna on improvement in her stage performances. It is obvious that the girl is not going away anytime soon. So, I think it important for her to brush up on her singing and dancing since she insists on hanging out. Her performance was pretty legit. Vocals…not awesome…everything was fun and flirty and raunchy and Ri Ri. And her red carpet look was sophisticated with a whole lot of sexpot. I love Rihanna because she is enjoying the sh*t out of her youth and will not apologize or pretend demure to please anyone.


Kevin Hart is hilarious to me. I know a lot of people don’t find him funny…or think that he is a one note comedian. But I am a firm believer that if you find what works for you, there is no need to fudge it up trying to please people who will probably hate whatever you choose to do the next time around…and bask in the idea of your possible failure.

Katy Perry is a pretty girl…in fact, I would even use the term gorgeous to describe her…why she insists on allowing her stylist to screw over her is beyond me. The dress is incredibly unflattering and makes her look big. The vintage look that she adopted when she first came on the scene is her best to date, and I am hoping that when she is done bouncing on John Mayer’s lap that she will return to her former self. But then again, I am partial to Dita Von Teese…


One Direction freaking stole the show. It’s like five Justin Beibers in one group. And their accents are hot. But…I got them confused with The Wanted…it’s like the N’Sync/98 Degrees days all over again.

Drake’s outfit was interesting. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.Okay…No. It’s bad. Chris Brown’s face is hilarious in the picture below. And Drake used to be so attractive to me…but now that’s fading. However, I can’t tell if that’s because Lil Wayne is standing in my view or if I’m just losing interest.


I will say it once and I will say it again. Nicki Minaj’s body is sick. I am now, more than ever, sure that it is manmade. But that is not the point. Her proportions are crazy. She was rather random on stage accepting her award but honestly…who cares?


And Nicki was extremely tame during her performance with Alicia Keys…whose body is also bordering on sick. She was having a little trouble losing the baby weight after the birth of her son…and when I say having trouble, I mean not really trying to lose the weight so it wasn’t coming off. But she looked great at the awards show. And her performance was cute. I don’t love the song, but I can appreciate her giving Gabrielle Douglas the spotlight for a few seconds. It was cute and fun, and the song was a perfect fit for her and all of her accomplishments.


Sidenote: this award show brought home the idea that MTV nor BET will no longer be giving awards to artists who do not show to their production.

Miley Cyrus was cute for the 2 minutes that she got to introduce P!nk. Pink’s performance was okay. Was the hair a coincidence? It’s not anything that we haven’t seen before. A mixture of her 2009 Sober performance and her 2008 So What performance. But her body looked amazing. She is ridiculously athletic. She has abs of steel that can be seen through her red carpet dress. And she looks like she can kick my ass. So I’m done talking.


2 Chainz is my favorite! That is all.

And lastly, I guess we’re not going to acknowledge perpetual preteen Taylor Swift’s new dirty pillows huh? I guess since she had the dancing bears in her performance we have to pretend that she knows nothing of anything womanly. Whatever. You saw it. I saw it. Even if she did try to understate them in the striped shirt. Her performance was cute…you know…if she was Hannah Montana. Unfortunately she is a 22 year old woman. And I don’t care how many adolescent boys she fondles and no matter how many lacy dresses she wears, she’s going to continue to get older…I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean that she has to grow up.


All in all, this show was nothing special. It very much reminded me of the American Music Awards…with a lot more star power. It was fun. Kevin Hart was funny. And the performances were good, but there were no wow moments. No reason to get excited. No reason to have the internet abuzz the next day. They kind of hit the jackpot last year with Beyonce’s surprise pregnancy announcement. This year was meh.

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