Celebrities / Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood…why? I don’t know…

You know… I don’t know why I am writing this post. I saw a picture and was strangely drawn…creepy.

I can’t provide anything about her diet or exercise plan because I am more than sure she doesn’t eat. Is it just me…or do you guys get vampire from her too? Sexy vampire…but real, live vampire nonetheless.

I am willing to bet that she subsists on nothing more than human blood and the hopes and dreams of little girls. I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley…I’m sure she would drain me within an inch of my life…and then make me her ghoul-b*tch. Just saying.

I can tell you one thing…chick is FIERCE! She may be more posh than Posh B. herself…and I thought that was an impossible feat. She is fashion without even trying.

Even with the whole…Dita Von Teese reborn and Marilyn Manson thing…I am still intrigued. Well played, Evan, well played.

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