Emmy Rossum…Silent Predator

I am literally only writing about Emmy Rossum because of the above outfit. I love it. And normally I’m not big on lace, but this is adorable…and conservatively sexy. Can that even exist? Whatever.

Now…do I have much to write past that? Nope. Honestly, the last thing I can remember watching her in is The Day After Tomorrow. (She’s apparently in a show airing on Showtime, Shameless) But I need a scandal. I need some fun. I need a story other than her marrying, and later divorcing, the cute little nerd-boy from next door. I’m not saying that she needs to star in my feature film presentation…Becoming Lindsay Lohan…(because you know it’s happening)… but give me something.

Ah well, she may not give me sleaze, but she does give great insight to her diet and workout plan. I get naturally thin from her. I remember her being in that lovely Audrey Hepburn movie (starring Jennifer Love Hewitt) when I was younger and even then she was tiny. So I would assume that she works out to ward off any jiggle and unsightly cellulite that would make getting nude in front of the camera rather awkward. She says of her regime:

I do like to run, but I prefer to exercise in a group,” she admits.  “It takes my mind off of the ‘work’ in the workout. I love spin classes and kickboxing classes. And one of the great luxuries about living on the west coast right now is getting to exercise outdoors as well. There’s nothing quite like a hike on a beautiful day. I always take my iPhone with me and take pictures when I get to the top.” 

When it comes to fueling her body, Emmy is all about healthy, wholesome foods – and makes sure to keep a lot of garlic in her refrigerator to ward off illness.

“I’m superstitious that it keeps me healthy — especially during flu season,” she explains.  “I like to make soups over the weekend so I have them all through the week. My favorite to make is dairy-free carrot ginger.”

When she needs a snack on set, she opts for healthy and wholesome treats such as natural peanut butter on gala apple slices and low fat string cheese and grapes.  

As for her go to healthy meal?

“Brown rice, steamed or sautéed spinach with garlic and my mom’s recipe of lemon roasted organic chicken. I’m also a big fan of eggs for any meal, not just breakfast. I am allergic to gluten but I love the taste and flavors of pasta and pizza. I love to scramble egg whites with tomato sauce and Italian Parmesan cheese. I also love cherry clafoutis and that is pretty healthy as far as desserts go.”

But a girl has to indulge every once and awhile! Emmy reveals that her favorite decadent meal consists of a black-and-white milkshake, a medium rare cheeseburger on a gluten-free bun and sweet potato fries.


This is the most well-rounded response to diet and exercise I think I have ever come across. She touches all bases. How beneficial and motivating it is to workout in a group. Balanced diet. Immune support. Splurge meals. The whole shebang. If I didn’t know any better I would say that she has done her research.


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