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90210…World’s Most Famous Zipcode

I will admit that I was a devoted Degrassi: The Next Generation fan up until recently. Once it started “going there” they lost me. But I do remember the Degrassi of times past…you know…when Drake was Jimmy Brooks…Nina Dobrev was teen mom Mia…when Shenae Grimes was virgin Darcy. Oh…those were the good old days. How I miss them. At any rate, Degrassi has created some rather successful talent for the young Hollywood scene…and it proves to be a great stepping stone for those few ambitious young talents looking to catapult their careers.

I write this blog because I came across a picture of Shenae Grimes. She didn’t really do as much as I expected her to do post-Degrassi. In fact, Nina Dobrev kind of eclipsed her star. I guess that’s easy to do when you are the main character of a show about sexed-up teen vampires. Who doesn’t love vampires? Hello…Twihards of the world unite. Wait. Where was I? Shenae Grimes. 90210.

So I saw a recent picture of her, and I couldn’t help but compare it to earlier in her career. 90210 took off so fast, and those young starlets’ lifestyles became the envy of every teen girl. They were immediately placed under a microscope…everything about them analyzed and reported. And it seemed like the pressures of Hollywood quickly took their toll. They all dropped weight really quickly. Well…I think ALL may be a little too overzealous. Annalynne Mccord has always had awesome muscle tone and an amazing figure. And Jessica Lowndes was the curviest of all the girls.

**If you have read a few of my other blog entries, you will notice that I steer clear of eating disorders. I would never accuse anyone of an eating disorder without hard evidence…anything else would be irresponsible…well except for Tracy Anderson…but that’s completely different.**

At any rate, I will say that I think that with the success of 90210, these girls began to really pay attention to their figures, exercise regimes, and food intake. It was obvious. Their bodies were living advertisements for low-carb diets…with 1200 calorie/day restrictions. Pure speculation…not an eating disorder…just a really strict plan. And I get it…if you want to play the part of Beverly Hills…you have to look Beverly Hills. And there is no cellulite in Beverly Hills.

Shenae Grimes has admitted that her hectic schedule made it difficult for her to make proper food choices, so she relied on the Fresh Dietgourmet food service that delivers calorie controlled meals— to maintain her thin frame. And Jessica Stroup steers clear of red meat, partaking in mostly lean proteins and organic foods to maintain her figure.

I will say…as the buzz around the show cooled…their bodies returned to a more manageable state…coincidence?  Hmm. Maybe.


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