Man Files / Nick Cannon

Hello, Mr. Carey…or Nick Cannon if that’s what you prefer

I know that I spend a lot of time nitpicking at the female form and changes in their bodies over time; but what about the men? Why is it that sites are not concerned with changes to the male form unless it involves extreme weight loss? Even extreme weight gain is barely mentioned and dismissed as dedication to the craft and nothing to harp on.We saw a gaunt Christian Bale filming scenes for The Machinist, and we were concerned with the sudden shrinkdown, but we never accused him of having an eating disorder. We wanted to know what he did to acheive the look. We were mesmerized…and a little grossed out…but it didn’t change our perception of him. We simply twiddled our thumbs and waited for the Batman that we knew to return.

So what then? What of those male celebrities whose bodies change so drastically that it is impossible not to notice? What happens if Justin Beiber suddenly goes from puny popstar to beefed-up action figure popstar in a matter of months? Do we accuse him of taking steroids, while simultaneously applauding him on how good he looks in the process? Are we concerned with his health or so turned on by the change that none of it matters? What happens if it is Nick Cannon? Is he so far down the celebrity totem pole that we don’t really care?

I’ve had my own personal thoughts on Nick Cannon’s sudden weight/muscle mass gain. Initially I dismissed it as his attempt to keep up with the Almighty Mimi. You can’t be WITH Mariah and not look the part. You have to protect and provide for The Chosen One. You think Nick Cannon being everywhere and doing everything Seacrest-style is just good hustle? Yeah right. You have to look like you deserve Mariah, and up until recently…he didn’t. I mean come on… would you have bet that he could take Eminem in a physical altercation? I think not.

**I know that he recently had a health scare, and I wish him all the best on his continued road to recovery.**

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