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Celebrity Mommy…Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s new title is officially Celebrity Mom. It’s a testament to how quickly things can change in the wonderful world of Hollywood. She had a promising career…I mean, Honey was extremely questionable, but she made some great moves after that. I almost forget that she is in it…until they decide to show it on tv every once in a while. There was Sin City…Fantastic Four…the sequel…The Eye…Machete. You see, quality cinema. So why is it that the only thing that I can think to refer to her as is Celebrity Mom? Red carpet photos are few and far between, but I can find hundreds of photos of her going to nails shops and playdates and picking up dinner. Is it this new branding movement where people want to be known for things outside of their craft? It sounds like a good idea…in theory. But if you forget who you are, so will I. Just saying.

Jessica has always been known for her great figure. For most girls she was body envy, and it didn’t appear that she worked too hard to maintain. But we know that’s not true. Jessica has been very open about her body issues quite a few times. She spoke openly about her battle with anorexia, and the intense exercise regime that helped her whittle her body down to a mere 100 pounds for a television role. And prior to the birth of her second daughter, she talked about focusing on portion control and starving during her pregnancy so that losing the baby weight wouldn’t be as difficult. I would like to think that she has successfully battled her demons and that she is now more focused on health and not a number on the scale. Unfortunately, we all know the pressures of fame and the lengths to which one would go to remain hot in Hollywood.

(I did find an article with cute alternatives to her $200/session personal training. Go here)


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