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Road to The Hunger Games…Jennifer Lawrence

I finally got around to watching X-Men: First Class and The Hunger Games, and I just saw a trailer for a new movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, House at the End of the Street. And I must say, Jennifer Lawrence is hot. She’s a pretty girl, yes; and she also has a great figure. It takes a lot of confidence in your body to be willing to walk around in nothing more than body paint and pasties for a movie…the last person I can remember successfully pulling that off is Rebecca Romijn.

I am willing to bet it took a lot of preparation to get ready for these action movie roles. So of course I scoured the interwebs looking for specific breakdowns of just what J. Law does to prepare her body for battle. There are speculations about her workout, and interviews with trainers that list exercises such as agility drills, medicine ball work, runs, and sprints…basically High-Intensity Interval Training; and combat training that one could easily simulate in a kickboxing class.

Jennifer herself has admitted that she does not like to exercise, but she does it to stay in shape. However, she does not diet…her words, “you can’t work when you’re hungry.” 

Never was there a truer statement. I appreciate stars who are willing to confess that they eat more than lettuce and hummus to survive. It speaks to every teen girl who ever thought that starving themselves was the only way to lose weight…not realizing that damage done to the body in youth is practically irreversible in adulthood.

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