Tracy Anderson…Pro-Ana?

Yesterday, I linked an article from Celebitchy about celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson’s, thoughts on women who gain more than 30 pounds during pregnancy. I didn’t think much of it at the time. I gave her a severe eye roll and went about my day. But then, my curiosity got the best of me; and I wanted to know who this Tracy Anderson woman was. So I did a Google search, and of course the first site that pops up is Tracy’s personal product peddling website. The Tracy Anderson Method is what she calls it, and with the careful wording of the fitness modules, you would assume that she is a legitimate fitness trainer…I would never use the word guru.

If you were to read more into Tracy’s philosophy, order her ridiculous DVDs and Metamorphosis packages, or attend her Hawaiian detox week, you may find that she is nothing more than a Pro-Ana extremist. Someone promising instant results to the tune of 800 calories/day and 3 hour/day workout sessions. I could promise you results if that were the case. Starving and exercise bulimia? I’ll pass. This chick actually only focuses on dance aerobics for cardio exercise. She claims that anything else will bulk muscles. And this is the type of person we follow? One who is using her own personal body dysmorphic demons to make money? A woman who has no qualms with promoting nutrient deficiencies with her diets?

You could say that the blame lies with no one other than the one who chooses to follow her, but what about women who aren’t very educated about health and fitness. Those who look to trainers and celebrities to learn their secrets, tips, and tricks. At what point do we expose the irresponsibility that exists in the world? The Tracy Andersons and Rachel Zoes.

If you would like a detailed account of the dangers of Tracy Anderson’s philosophies, read this article.

FYI this is totally what I thought about while Googling this woman:

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