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Nicole Richie…Time changes all

Let’s rewind about 5 years…who would have thought that Nicole Richie would be bigger than Paris Hilton? Who would have thought that she would be better than Paris Hilton? Who would have thought that she would be someone’s mother and that her name would be synonymous with businesswoman, designer, celebrity, role model? She transformed. She won. She was able to sift through the sh*tty life she was living and find a reason to pull herself away from the crazy world that was her life for so long. I don’t necessarily agree with the path that she took, but I can respect her destination.

We’ve seen the best of Nicole Richie, and we’ve seen the worst of Nicole Richie. And I will honestly say that I don’t believe that her worst was the drug-fueled period in her life. Why? Because she admitted to that. She acknowledged that dark period and the contributing factors and worked to face those demons. Her lowest point? The eating disorder. The Rachel Zoe Project. Sure her style improved and she even acquired some designing skills in the process, but at what cost? Even now Nicole is unwilling to use the term eating disorder. The world has seen those pictures…you know the ones…where she is jogging on the beach in a bikini that’s probably an extra small but still baggy on her. The picture where you can count every bone in her chest…and she looks like she is near death. You want so badly to tell her to stop…to tell her that she does not look well…to let her know that it’s not okay.

What’s worse is that there were others cheering her on, friends doing the same things, people telling her how great she looked since she lost the baby fat, and Rachel Zoe passing on her lifestyle tips and tricks to her clients. (I wonder if they all look at her now…eyes full of sympathy and understanding… she’s still thin…still hungry…still wearing baggy clothes to hide the bones. Do they remember that life…that time?)

I don’t need Nicole Richie to be some sort of walking public service announcement for eating disorders, but I would like her to acknowledge the struggle and promote healthier living and a different perspective. It’s easier to listen to and understand someone who has been where you are. It is easier to accept advice and help from someone who knows how you feel. Provide guidance towards someone else’s solution.

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