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Tough Girl Glam…Michelle Rodriguez

Lazy weekend movie day…Fast Five. So of course, I need to watch The Fast and The Furious. Someone please find Michelle Rodriguez’s workout plan for me! The girl is freaking hot.

Oddly enough, no one really cares about Michelle’s diet and exercise regimen. Which begs the question…should I? But I must. She’s awesome. Then again, do I really think that she is awesome because…well, she just is; or is it because of her tough girl persona? And let’s be real here…the toughest thing about this lady is the 180 days she served in jail because of a probation violation. I mean…you could even call her a glorified Lindsay Lohan…minus the crackhead thing.

Oh well. I can speculate on what I think she does to maintain her figure based on her tough girl persona. I’m sure that a majority of her hardcore training occurs prior to shooting an action role. Her body indicates that while she is in shape…she does not spend all her time boxing and lifting weights (like I would assume…I mean she is tough. Right?). I’m sure that Michelle simply maintains her figure with regular exercise and healthy eating. And while no one cares to discuss her exercise regimen, she did make quick mention of her diet during an Earth Day interview where she discusses her “meat” protein-based diet. While she does eat leafy greens, a majority of her diet consists of chicken and fish…and beef occasionally. If anyone is able to find more information on her…please feel free to share.



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