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Mila Kunis…Crash Dieting 101

Because it is lazy Saturday, I get to catch up on television and movies that I otherwise miss. So, I watched Black Swan today (among other things). And I would just like to say…Mila Kunis is freaking gorgeous. She literally has to do nothing to herself and she would still be gorgeous. Girl is striking.

Mila normally tends to fly under the radar unless she is promoting a movie. However, she has been in the news nonstop for the past few months because of her personal life. Mila has decided to throw caution to the wind and publicly date Ashton Kutcher. Personally I could care less. I realize that Ashton may give off the douche vibe quite often, but I honestly just think that it is a misunderstanding. At any rate, he and Mila are official and people are all pissy about it. Whatever. Black Swan.

Mila said that she lost 20 pounds for the role. Do you realize how significant that is for an already thin girl?!  She was only 95 pounds…I know boobs that are heavier than that. She was tiny…ballerina tiny…but tiny nonetheless. And how did she lose the weight? She exercised constantly (7 days/week, 5 hours/day) and maintained a 1,200 calorie/day diet…. The things these people do for their craft. An average person would have been diagnosed with exercise bulimia and sent to a treatment facility.

**Mila’s extreme dieting can be used as a cautionary tale. Sure it is easy to shed the weight with crash diets, but the long term effects are far less appealing than the instant gratification. Mila admitted that the weight she lost came back as soon as she returned to a normal regime. Unfortunately, the weight moved to less desirable areas. In most cases, the weight loss resulting from crash dieting results in a loss of muscle tissue…that will come back as fat once the weight is regained.**



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