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The Other Sister…Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen could easily turn the Olsen twins into the Olsen triplets. Girl looks just like them. It kind of reminds me of the Culkin family…you know, where someone (either father or mother) has really strong genes and ALL of the kids look alike. Elizabeth looks so much like her sisters that one could get them confused…if they didn’t really know MaryKate and Ashley. Because honestly, aside from the face…the Olsen sisters are completely different.

While MaryKate and Ashley are all Victoria Beckham and Anna Wintour…you know…fashion, Elizabeth is giving me full-on Victoria’s Secret model. Girl is curvy, and it looks great on her. Of course, because she is still up and coming, no one has gotten the dish on her diet and exercise regime. She has stated before that she does not worry about diet…this does not mean that she is downing pizza and burgers every chance she gets…but I’m willing to bet she’s eating a cupcake on her birthday. Just saying.

I also think it is really cute how their little sister towers over them. They are so tiny.

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