Style Files

Style Files: From A to Zoe

Rachel Zoe, in my world, is off limits. Simply because no one, but Rachel Zoe, will ever know her lifestyle. She is extremely tight-lipped about diet and exercise; and aside from the occasional photo of her eating, we may never know. People can speculate…and people have…about what she does to stay so thin. But honestly, I feel like Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham are cut from the same cloth. Think about it. They are fashion. They have to be thin and frail and able to wear anything. They have to inspire and be inspired…and not being able to fit into anything and everything is NOT an option. I get it…I don’t agree with it…but I get it.

One thing I do know about Rachel Zoe is that for a small period of time…starlets/clients dropped massive amounts of weight while under her fashionably watchful eye…I’m looking at you Lindsay Lohan…you too Paris Hilton.

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