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Curvy is the new sexy…Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is a woman with curves in all the right places. And let’s face it, she is known less for her acting and more for her body…and her girls. I can fully appreciate a woman who embraces her natural curves. I can appreciate a woman who does not shy away from the attention she gets from her natural curves. And I can also appreciate a woman who’s curves are in fact natural…I’m looking at you Kim Kardashian.

So, it is obvious that Christina Hendricks’s body is much different from what is considered “the ideal” in Hollywood, and that’s okay. What I would like to know…and have researched of course…is how she maintains her figure without entering into dangerous territory. Curvier women will agree that they have to work harder to make sure that curvy doesn’t turn into obese than the average woman. What is initially thought to be a little bloat can quickly turn into a whole lot of FUPA. So I scoured the interwebs searching for the secret to Christina’s banging body, and I came up with a couple of generic quotes…here and here. I was also able to find an interview where she is a little more open about her lifestyle:

Work it. Fitness is part of Hendricks’ daily routine. She does sit-ups and push-ups in her trailer if she has a down moment. And she and her husband of two years, actor Geoffrey Arend, schedule regular workouts together with a trainer, turning what might otherwise be a “have to” into “love to!”

Hendricks says she uses the treadmill, does weight training, and uses a BOSU ball.

Be mindful. A dancer until she was 19 years old, Hendricks says she never worried about getting additional exercise or watching what she ate. Now, she says, “I have to constantly remind myself to check in and be good to myself, to take vitamins and exercise.”

Accept yourself. Before turning to acting in her mid-20s, Hendricks modeled in New York and Europe. After happily gaining 15 pounds in Italy thanks to indulging in local fare, she says has embraced her natural body weight ever since. That means that rather than following a strict diet, she eats foods that please her, although with a healthy bent.

Eat smart. She and her husband make soups to keep in the fridge for snacking, and she allows room for trying new foods and cooking techniques. “My husband got a deep fryer for his birthday, so we experimented with that, but I’m not a big fan of fried food,” she says. “Our new thing is we’ve gotten a smoker, and he’s making his own bacon.”

Don’t focus on an ideal. Hendricks’ ease with her own looks is ingrained deep in her past. “I never even heard people talk about body types,” she says. “Even now, it’s never been a focus in my life. I’ve always been fit, I’ve always been active, and I’ve always been healthy, but I’ve just tried to live my life the way I live it. It’s nice that I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about it lately,” she adds, with a smile, “Be nice to yourself!” she says.

Unplug. Just because the world seems wired for Wi-Fi doesn’t mean you have to use it. Hendricks spends her time on airplanes lost in books. “Reading a novel is such a treat for me,” she says.  

Say Yes to Comfort Food Every So Often. “For me, it’s spaghetti with red sauce,” says Hendricks. “It’s not that hard to make, and it’s one thing you can order from room service that they won’t mess up.”  

Stay Connected. The less time you have to catch up with friends and family, says Hendricks, the more you probably need them. Especially if they’re hands-on. “My husband is good at rubbing my shoulders when I need it!” she says.


I can appreciate that she connects mind, body, and spirit to health and isn’t just looking to exercise to determine how healthy she is or can be.


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