Selena Gomez-Beiber (that’s weird huh?)

I can say with complete honesty that I have probably never seen a picture of Selena Gomez leaving a gym. I don’t even think I’ve seen her in workout clothes. I have, however, seen her going into and coming from a lot of fast food restaurants… Ah the joys of being young, footloose, and fancy free.

A quick Google search will produce no results of a Selena Gomez workout plan. You won’t find interviews where she discusses a diet or a trainer. What you will find is a plethora of websites that have created diet suggestions for Selena, things she can do to improve her body and the way she is eating. I have no plans, nor want, to offer any suggestions to Ms. Gomez. You know why? Because she is 20. She doesn’t need suggestions. Her metabolism is good enough to fend off any noticeable jiggle and unsightly cellulite for at least 5 more years; and by that point, if she doesn’t want to workout…she has enough money to afford herself whatever she needs.

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