Kerry Washington

I absolutely adore Kerry Washington. She is gorgeous, talented, fashionable, and she seems very grounded. Chick is a hell of an actress, and it is obvious that she is in the business for the love of the craft. She has been in blockbusters here and there, but she spends a majority of her time focusing on quality roles, where the story is more important than the budget. Respect.

Kerry tends to fly under the radar for the most part. Much like Anne Hathaway, she tends to only “come out of hiding” when she has something to promote. Heck, even her Twitter is dedicated to the promotion of important issues and her television shows and films…you know…it’s real purpose.

So, because she steers clear of drama-filled tabloid coverage, I find it difficult to find a ton of information on her diet and exercise regimen. A couple of excerpts note that she tailors her workouts to the characters that she is playing…which would explain her weight fluctuations. I have noticed that she tends to cycle between thin-yet-healthy and downright skinny. Kerry explains that her base workout is Pilates, and she may add cardio and weight training for more physical characters.

She is currently focusing on training her body for her Scandal character, using celebrity trainer, David Kirsch.

Toned Abs & Arms
“For Kerry’s abs and arms, I primarily use a stability ball and light hand weights,” Kirsch said. “My favorite exercises for her are stability ball knee tucks and push-ups. These are great for helping keep her arms and abs sculpted, sexy and toned.”

Tight Legs and Back End
“I stick to exercises that lengthen, tighten and keep her already beautiful legs and butt sculpted. Sumo lunges, reverse crossover lunges and single leg dead lifts are particularly effective. The beauty with all of these exercises is that Kerry is extremely disciplined and does these exercises on her own when she’s on the road or on the movie set.”

The Star’s Secret Weapon
To help maintain her energy, radiance and vitality, the actress regularly uses David Kirsch Vitamin/Mineral Super Juice, Thermo Bubbles supplements in All Natural Pink Lemonade and Original Berry, as well as his newest product, AM Daily Detox.


Much like other celebrity trainers, not much information is offered. This article is more about peddling services as opposed to providing quality information. Basically, Kerry is more focused on connecting her mind, body, and spirit…through exercise, prayer, and meditation. The rest just falls into place.


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