Amber Heard

Amber Heard is eye candy (girl is gorgeous), more likely to be hired for her looks rather than for her talent. Now, that’s not my way of saying that she is not a good actress…she’s great…but she is a bombshell. So much so that it is easy for one to believe rumors of an on-set affair with Johnny Depp…you know, because she looks the part. Vixen. Seductive. Man-eater.

This is much like Scarlett Johanssen. The only difference is that Scarlett combats that image with indie rolls where character development and the story are the most important elements in the film. She forces us to pay attention to her talent. So when considering career parallels, it is easy to compare Amber to Megan Fox…who will always be seductive no matter the role — girl was sex when she was literally eating men alive (Jennifer’s Body).

Obviously, along with the bombshell image comes the bombshell body; and Amber gladly shared her fitness and nutrition tips with Women’s Health Magazine:

Make time to cook
Amber prefers to make her own food—even when she works a 90-hour week—so that she can control what ingredients go in (mostly vegetables and lean protein).

Form the fitness habit 
If a routine is broken, it’s easy to backslide into laziness. So keep telling yourself, I want this. Because after you get into a routine, your body will want it. “Once you start working out, you feel better and it becomes something you make time to do,” says Amber.

Focus on health, not vanity 
Many women hit the gym to look better, but that can’t be your only motivation. Otherwise, you’ll feel discouraged when you don’t see results fast enough. “It’s about feeling healthy,” says Amber. And that’s something that happens the minute you make a positive change.

Buy whole ingredients
Amber reads food labels—and if she sees an ingredient she doesn’t recognize, she often leaves the item on the shelf. That might limit you in the snack aisle, but it will lead you to eat fewer processed foods. “You feel better when you’re eating food that retains nutritional value,” she says.

Women’s Health Magazine

What I didn’t know is that Amber used to be much heavier than she is now. That makes her exercise and nutrition information that much more appealing. I wholeheartedly agree with Amber’s tips. Preparing your own meals will always be a better alternative to restaurant food. You can control portions, ingredients, and overall nutritional value. Though I’m not much of a runner, I think that any type of cardio that you can fit into a routine will always be beneficial. Sometimes people don’t realize that even the smallest bit of activity can evoke change.



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