Jordin Sparks

Everyone loves a transformation. And since Sparkle was released to theaters on yesterday, I think it only fitting that we discuss Jordin Sparks. Jordin got her start as the adorable, full-figured teen with the powerful voice on American Idol. She’s also known for her advocacy against premarital sex…commendable.

Recently Jordin has lost approximately 50 pounds; and from that first twitpic, she transformed from chubby teen to sex symbol. Her skirts got shorter, the cut of her tops got lowered, and it was clear that she had worked on her red carpet posing, girl had the hand on tucked hip down to a science. She is no Lea Michele, but then again…who is?

What’s her big secret? Portion control. She also dropped sugary drinks and reached for milk instead. Couple this with a personal trainer, and you have appropriate baby steps to weight loss. Want more info? Go here.

I can honestly respect the fact that Jordin didn’t do any extreme dieting to get the weight off. By transitioning your body slowly, it is easier to maintain the weight loss. A lot of people think that dropping pounds as quickly as possible is the best way. Extreme dieting, crash dieting, over-exercising, none of these techinques can be maintained; and they can also make it difficult to lose weight in the future because of the damage it does to the metabolism, the gastrointestinal system, and the joints.

**I really wish I could find the clip from the Tyra show where a 250+ woman talks about how anorexia and bulimia ruined her body and her ability to maintain a healthy weight.**

At any rate, congratulations Jordin!

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