Cassie Ventura

Cassie Ventura has had very little success with her career as a singer/dancer. She has, however, had much success as a model and long-term girlfriend/sidechick of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. She is also the person who started that stupid head shaving trend that won’t die (you know something has lost it’s luster when women 40 and over are hopping on the bandwagon…I’m looking at you Laurieann Gibson).

Anyway, I can say what I please about Cassie, the girl is gorgeous, and her body is the business. Of course, because no one really cares about Cassie (outside of ragging on her for her relationship with Diddy), there is not much demand for her workout plan. She’s a thin girl with very little curve to her body, and I think that we can all assume that it comes naturally. She was quoted in an interview, at the very beginning of her career, saying that if she did not workout at all, she gets really skinny…oh if we all had that problem. So, she does workout with a trainer to add necessary curves to her body; and she has had a breast augmentation…but that is neither her nor there. I’m sure she is not devouring sh*tty foods every second, and she realizes the important role exercise plays in shaping her body the way she wants it to look. Cassie is okay with me. **There are some recent NSFW photos of Cassie topless on a yacht with Diddy. You can go here to see them**


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