Becoming Lindsay Lohan…The Amanda Bynes Story

Amanda Bynes used to be one of my favorite comedic actresses. I grew up watching her on All That, and I loved all of the cute, fun movies that she did once she left the show. She took a break from acting…whether by choice or force is neither here nor there, and it seemed that she was going to avoid child star purgatory. But then the drunk driving incident happened…and then it happened again…and again. And I began to realize that Amanda had not survived child star purgatory, she had simply flown under the radar. With all the world focusing on the wonderful world of Lindsay Lohan, Amanda was free to terrorize the world as only a scorned celebrity could do.

She had plenty of “look at me, look at me” moments, and no one batted a single eyelash. It wasn’t until she landed her first mugshot that we began to notice a downward spiral that had obviously peaked by the time we caught it. And now, she has arrived…again; but this time she is a different type of celebrity. It is no longer about her talent and all about watching a train wreck and waiting for the next big explosion…the next arrest…the next mugshot. We’ve seen this story before millions of times. I’ve seen it end well once (Nicole Richie).

It saddens me, but  it is difficult for me to pity these stars when they have all the world at their disposal and all the second chances that one could ask for.

All of Amanda’s partying and boozing has not yet ruined her figure. She has always been a thin girl, and the fact that her body has not yet bloated to the point of no return (see: Lindsay Lohan) means that there is still help for her. She looks really good; especially considering that I have seen very few pictures of her going to or leaving the gym. And Amanda herself admitted that she does not work out very often, and when she does, it is just cardio for 30-40 minutes. Jealous?

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