Kate…Beckinsale of course

Kate Beckinsale and my personal favorite, Jessica Biel, have been doing promotional work for ‘Total Recall.’ I didn’t read too many good reviews for the movie, so I have no interest whatsoever. Besides, I never saw the original. But that’s not whats important. What’s important is how good Kate has looked during this promotional tour. (Jessica Biel has had a few fashion hiccups that I will continue to overlook…(you see the exceptions I make for my fitness crush?)

Kate on the other hand, looks great… and I’m not at all surprised. Girl can pull together an outfit. She is one of those actresses that you may never see standing at the Oscar podium, having trouble holding it together because she finally got that little golden statue; but she will always look better than everyone else at the awards show. Because she can rock a red carpet. She doesn’t have much range. She’s an action girl, and that’s fine. Everybody can’t be Meryl Streep. (God how I would pay money to be Meryl Streep!)

At any rate, Kate is your overage thin girl. She looks great in clothes. She’s small and curvy and doesn’t look like she tries too hard to maintain. She probably does majority cardio workouts, and a few toning exercises to fight off any unflattering jiggle.

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