Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem – Adriana Lima

Every year I sit in front of my tv… not eating… and watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. And during the entire show, I’m not thinking about how much I want to be a model nor how great they look in the lingerie (their bodies are amazing). I’m thinking of how nerve-wrecking preparation for that show must be. In a normal fashion show, you can get away with a little chunk. You can have a bulge here or a tiny roll there and the only people who will notice are the designers and the stylists…and they’re pissed, but hell we can’t tell. We’re too amazed with the rest of their bodies to worry about tiny imperfections.

But the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is an entirely different beast. There are no clothes. There is only fabric covering the important parts (T&A). So how do the models prepare?

Adriana Lima admitted that her preparation for the show is ridiculous (and should NOT be tried at home). She works out everyday with a personal trainer, beginning months before the show. At some point she begin two-a-day workouts. Nine days prior to the show she puts herself on a diet of only protein shakes (made with powdered eggs) and a gallon of water everyday. The day of the show she does not consume a thing. Not even water. She calls it “drying out.”

Anderson Cooper

End result?


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