Life After Disney…Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens. A great child star of yesteryear, and half of one of the greatest Disney couples in history. She peaked much too early, and now she’s suffering a fate similar to many stars grasping for any sort of continuous wave of relevance. Stars that would normally fade into obscurity are given a lingering sense of importance because paparazzi is on call 24 hours a day to catch them going about their normal lives. In these candid photos, they seem demure and unappreciative of the attention; but trust that the alternative is purgatory for them.

At any rate, Vanessa Hudgens, the actress, is no more. Vanessa Hudgens the celebrity…she’s doing just fine. So what does the celebrity do in her spare time, you ask? Why, go to the gym everyday of course. And go to festivals. And pose on go to the  the beach with her boyfriend. There are TONS of recent photos of Vanessa leaving the gym…some alone…some with a bodyguard…some with her boyfriend…some with her sister…you get the picture. The girl works out. A lot.

So here’s the thing. I don’t judge…too much anyway. But where is the Miley-style change? I know it’s bad to compare these starlets; but she works out so much, yet her body changes very little. I’m not calling her fat, or pudgy, or chubby by any means. BUT it leads me to believe that she is working out to combat an unhealthy diet or genetics.

I could be wrong. I probably am wrong. Maybe the camera angles are bad…all the time. You know, that’s what happens in candid photos anyway.


**All photos courtesy of Just Jared**

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