Destiny’s Child

I love Kelly Rowland. She is completely self-aware…not oblivious to the fact that she is a celebrity, very rich, and a former member of one of the most popular girl groups in the world; but there is also a certain gratefulness that exists in the midst of the self-awareness. She gives off a sincerity that is difficult to find in Hollywood. This is not to say that other celebrities aren’t grateful; but for most, once they reach a certain level there is a sense of entitlement that presents itself. It’s almost second nature. The bigger you get, the more you expect special treatment. And why not? We tell them that they are special. We tell them that they complete us. We scream, cry, and faint in their presence. We  buy their clothes, perfume, music, and movies. We spend time on blogs obsessing about their lives, inserting ourselves into their situations like we’re familiars. (We write blogs dedicated to their being.) We forget that they are human; so it’s okay if they forget sometimes too.

Kelly Rowland doesn’t seem to forget, and that’s why she is one of my favorites.

At any rate, my purpose is to talk about her fitness. She has always been very open about all the hard work and dedication it takes for her to maintain her figure. She is not one to pretend that she is naturally thin and can eat as much junk food as she wants without gaining a pound. Thank goodness.

She  manages to maintain one of the best bodies in the business by working out 5-6 times a week and sticking to strict eating rules like, ‘no food after 9pm’. She also works on solely her abs for 45 minutes every night.

Necole Bitchie

She released a workout DVD, in conjunction with celebrity trainer, Jeanette Jenkins; and shared a few tips and even a sample of her ab workout with US magazine. (watch it here and here).


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