Twihards unite… for Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene became too Hollywood too quickly, believing the nonsense that she was spewing in interviews and on red carpets. And cardinal rule number one, if you want to have a good, long career, you can’t believe your own sh*t… you have to feed the public your sh*t without consuming it yourself. Otherwise you appear too self-absorbed and start using lines like, “Don’t you know who I am; I’m f*cking Lindsey Lohan!”

I honestly don’t think that she will last long after the final installment of Twilight; and I would be interested to see what that does to her psyche. Don’t get me wrong it’s not because she sucks, she’s just not memorable. This new generation of celebrity doesn’t know how to gracefully fade into obscurity like the one-hit wonders of yesteryear. They need to maintain a certain level of relevance, and they are willing to do ANYTHING for it…and I mean anything.

At any rate, Ashley apparently completed all prerequisite courses of Celebrity 101. The more popular she became, the more she began to change. First was the style. Then came to attitude. And lastly, the body. The body always happens; there’s no escaping it. I will give credit where credit is due. Ashley worked hard for her figure. She clearly wasn’t the girl trying to fade into the shadows at restaurants hoping that no one noticed how she didn’t really touch her food. There are countless pap shots of her going to and leaving the gym…unlike Blake Lively who clearly works out at home because there is just no way. 

She gave an interview to Women’s Health where she describes her workouts:

My body holds muscle really easily, and I tend to bulk up [if I’m always lifting] weights.” So while filming the movie in Vancouver, she focused on cardio, squats, and planks during her daily hour-long interval sessions. “I did side planks for my obliques, which are one of my trouble areas,” she says. “And traditional planks tone your back so you don’t have that little bit of fat hanging over your bra. Ugh!” 

She did add in a couple of nontraditional weight moves: working with kettlebells and pushing a big box filled with weights across a room. “My butt and legs were so sore!” Between flicks, Ashley keeps her body tight and her mind calm by doing Pilates or running three to five miles, three to five days a week. “You put on your headphones and go off into your own little world. If you’re running outside and you have a beautiful view, you have this sense of being free,” says Ashley, who jogs in a nearby canyon or on a treadmill at home in L.A. 

Not wanting to cancel out all that hard work with junk food, Ashley tries to stick to healthy staples such as halibut, tuna, sushi, chicken, egg whites, and veggies. “But I don’t do the diet thing anymore,” she says. “I’m a big believer in feeding your body what it needs. Deny yourself something and you’re going to end up shoving your face full of it.” Plus, being fit, she says, means not having to worry about enjoying a glass of wine or a brownie (which she does indulge in, on occasion). 

– Women’s Health Magazine

2 thoughts on “Twihards unite… for Ashley Greene

  1. Really? This thing seems stupid sinde you don’t know anything about her life and I’m sure all those pics of her coming out and in almost all the freaking weeks from restaurans mean she doesn’t eat a thing; but oh well… your “opinion”, I guess. I wonder why don’t you say the same about Kristen Stewart, or the other guys? And sorry… when did she change? She haven’t even made famous friends, she stuck with her old friends, that aren’t famous except for Kellan Lutz. I really think you should research about her life first before talking.

    • I’m going to assume that you just scanned the post and didn’t really read it. Especially the part about me giving her credit for her hard work…and all the pictures of her going to and leaving the gym…and how she clearly eats. (Scanning is cool…it is super long)

      But you’re right. This is my “opinion,” and it’s all in fun. I never proclaimed to be an expert on the Ashley Greene school of celebrity. Beyonce, now that’s my area of expertise.

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