Oh Leann.

I have no words for Leann Rimes. No bad words that is. I follow Leann on Twitter, and she is hilarious. How can I possibly judge anybody who provides me with such quality entertainment…daily/hourly/by the minute? The girl lives on vacation. She lives on the beach. And she lives in a bikini. From this point I don’t even have to do work. The blog writes itself.

There is no question that Leann works out. and there is no question that she eats well. Leann entered the music industry, as what most (not me) consider, a chubby teen. I will never, for the life of me, understand that thought process. When she was older, and married, she attributed her “newfound” dedication to health to her ex-husband Dean Sheremet — after they met, he became her workout partner and support system; and she began making healthier food choices.

How does she maintain that figure now? “Boxing is my main thing. Then I jump rope, lift weights and I do Pilates and yoga.”

– If you would like to check out a sample of her boxing workout. (Go here)

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