Poor Scarlett

I feel sorry for Scarlett Johansson. I mean geez, people think that she is so sexy and so gorgeous; and she doesn’t even want them to.

In her mind, she is a tomboy. A guy’s girl. Every girl’s best friend. Imagine having to walk through life being labeled as the girl all guys love and all girls love to hate. How on earth will she survive?

Man. I never thought I could pity someone so much. *read: sarcasm*

I say this because ScarJo has done multiple interviews about her bombshell status where she expresses dislike for it…she also hates the name ScarJo, but whatever, it’s easier to type. At any rate, chick definitely needs to own her sexy. I mean, men will only want you until someone else comes along, and girls will only hate you until you’re older, things begin to sag, and your botox begins to make you look like some creepy clown, shell of your former self. Own it!

Anyway. Here are some recent (and probably not so recent) pics of ScarJo…at awards shows…on the beach…jogging. When she is not all dressed up for the red carpet, she looks like your average girl. See what I did there? You better get on it ScarJo before you no longer own the red carpet. Wait. What’s that you say? Lea Michele took that already? Ok.





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