Lady Gaga arrived fairly quickly. The shift from Stefany Germanotta to Gaga catapulted her into our radios on onto our television sets, and regardless of whether or not you wanted to be, you became a fan. A fan of her success. A fan of her story. A fan of her larger than life persona. She wasn’t just like you, and she didn’t pretend to be. You couldn’t put her into a box because SHE told YOU who she was. Lady Gaga is a superstar…in every sense of the word. She knows. We know it. And we love it.

Of course, the bigger she became, the more she began to change. Her persona. Her style. Her music. Her body. She transformed. When Gaga handed her Fame to The Fame Monster…she was.

Obviously Gaga would like you to think that she subsists and maintains her figure from a diet of cigarettes, booze, and endless passion; but we all know better. A quick Google search and you will find articles quoting the Lady’s trainer (who is really peddling his product more than providing any truly valuable information).

But he does offer that Gaga maintains with varied resistance exercises (no mention of cardio…what kind of BS trainer is he) and a 5-factor world diet — basically, 5 meals per day, 5 core ingredients, and 5-minute prep time — kind of sounds too good to be true. But what do I know?


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