I eat what I want!

Blake Lively. I feel it necessary to take pause for a second after typing that name. Not because I adore her, not because I admire her figure, but because she is the girl you want to strangle. The girl who, when asked by US Weekly about her diet, replies, “I eat cupcakes, and I don’t work out.” Sure she tried to clean it up with the whole, “ask me in ten years and I will regret answering that way” bit, but the damage has been done. I will now, and for the next ten years, consider her delusional. There is some strange faction of celebrities that truly believes that answers like this make them appear more down to earth and “just like you.” When in reality, you’re avoiding the cupcakes at the company party and busting your butt in the gym to look half as good as their photoshopped images.

I realize that she didn’t say that she stuffs her face with sweets every single day while sitting in front of the tv, but the mere idea that it takes nothing for her to maintain her figure while the rest of the world is actually working for theirs is a little annoying. At any rate, I scoured the interwebs looking for even one photo of Ms. Lively leaving the gym, heading to the gym, or just wearing workout clothes; and I got nothing. Not even a yoga pant. Maybe she doesn’t workout. *shrugs*


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