The best candy is always arm candy… [See Update]

I get it. She’s arm candy. Stacy Keibler, who cares, right? But has anyone every taken the time to look past George Clooney and see Stacy for the fit, fabulous diva (you have to love the days of WWE past) that she is? Sure she is thin, but look at the tone and muscle definition. This, my dears, is a woman in shape. It is a woman who practices what she preaches. If she is papped exercising, you can rest assured that there will be sweat and no makeup. If she were dishing out exercise and healthy eating tips in Shape magazine, I would probably read the article without rolling my eyes the entire time.


I was able to find a random interview from Stacy Keibler that gave some  insight into her diet and exercise plan. Unfortunately, the source of the interview is a mystery. I will post it (just because), but I will also take it with a grain of salt until I can find the source. If anyone else knows, feel free to share. Below:

Stacy Keibler’s diet follows the low carbohydrate eating plan, where highly digestible carbohydrates are replaced by lean proteins and healthy fats. Her diet plan restricts her from eating sugar, white flour, and starchy vegetables, while allowing her to consume as much lean proteins and fats as possible.


How do you exercise so much without looking bulky? Juliet [Kaska, her personal trainer] makes sure that I’m changing up my workouts so I’m not always working with weights. We’re doing spinning and Pilates. I’m lengthening my muscles so that I’m not getting too jacked.

How often do you work out? I work out with Juliet three to four times a week, but then I work out on my own. If I can work out seven days a week, I will. But with my schedule, sometimes it is only two or three.

Can you describe your routine? Every day is different. I walk to the gym – it’s probably a five- to 10-minute walk – then I do some kind of cardio, then we work out and then I do a half-hour of cardio at the end. Sometimes we’ll even have a whole hour of weight training and then take a spinning class for 45 minutes.

What does your diet consist of? I am on Fresh Dining, which has totally changed everything for me. It’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks delivered to your house at night. I have shed inches and pounds within a week.

What kind of food do you get? I have put restrictions to have only eggs in the morning, so that I’m not getting the pancakes and waffles that they have. Lunch is usually a salad with protein in it. Dinner is usually a meat. I get no pasta, no bread and no rice, so mine’s usually vegetables and meat.

Do you have any secret talents? I’m a very good cook. I love making recipes I like but trying to make them healthier by substituting things.

How did your Dancing With the Stars workout regime differ from the routine you followed in your wrestling days? With Dancing With the Stars, I did not work out during the show because we were practicing four to 10 hours a day. I was so lean and toned. I was eating whatever I wanted! It just goes to show what dancing does for your body. With wrestling, I was constantly working out, but I had no idea what I was doing.

– Source unknown

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