I guess I should get introductions out of the way now.

I read a lot of celebrity gossip blogs (general gossip, weightloss/weight gain, black celebrities, etc.), and I have always felt that celebrity gossip was my niche. That sounds kind of weird, but I am nosy by nature. So it is only fitting that I enjoy a bit of shameless gossip every once in a while, right?

I used to read the weight loss and weight gain blogs religiously, but not because I enjoyed analyzing every aspect of people’s bodies (scanning the comments sections will sometimes leave you wanting to gouge someone’s eyes out). I read these blogs religiously because I admired these people with so much self-control (personal chefs), intense workout programs (personal trainers), dedication to fitness (vanity coupled with lots of free time).

So I thought it only fitting that I create something dedicated to topics that I enjoy.

– A.

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