Celebrities / Jennifer Love Hewitt

The photo that started it all…

I happened across this picture today when I was doing my usual rounds. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s body has always been the source of much scrutiny…mostly because she went from tiny, big boobed, virginal-not a girl-not yet a woman teen scream queen to curvy – still big boobed- TV prostitute (don’t mistake that comment for evil, I love The Client List). There have been times when her body was a little softer than others, but never anything out of the ordinary for the average woman. Honestly, judging from this picture, does this look like a woman bordering on plus-sized? I have friends who would kill for that figure.

J. Love looks like a cardio girl, the chick who goes to the gym and hops on the elliptical for 90 minutes and never looks in the direction of the free weights. Not a horrible thing. I’m just saying.

I will admit that it is extremely difficult to find recent pictures of J. Love. Truth? No one really cares about her unless she is making a fool of herself in an interview. I still love her though.


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