Just Miley

Ok. There’s no way that this blog could exist without at least admiring a picture of Miley Cyrus’s transformation; and I use the word transformation loosely. Here is Miley in 2009:

Photo: Celebslam

For we commoners, this is a great body. Curvy and soft, without an ounce of visible jiggle. This is what we are working towards when we take the stairs at work instead of using the elevator, push through those last 2 minutes on the elliptical at the gym, and buy that No Sugar Added ice cream instead of the Krazy Kookie Cookie dough that we crave ever so much.


But not Miley. No. For Miley, this was unsatisfactory. This caused us to cut out our gluten and go to Pilates everyday (probably multiple times a day) until 2009 turned into 2012:


Photo: Celebslam


You’re jealous huh? It’s okay. I understand.

 **I in no way endorse a gluten-free diet unless one is afflicted with Celiac’s Disease or wheat allergies. Do the research before following the trend.**

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